A Spotlight on Africa

This year, NY:LON Connect put the spotlight on Africa for the second time in the event’s history. MRC Data opened up the session with a presentation focusing on what is happening in Africa, how African music is performing on the global stage, and a deeper look at the Afro-Pop fan.

Japanese Music on the Global Stage

The second track of the FMPJ (the Federation of Music Producers Japan) New Year Conference was centered around Japanese artists and how they expand their audience globally. MRC Data presented exclusive insights for Japanese artists’ success outside Japan and suggestions on how to grow artists’ fanbases.

More Reports

MRC Data’s 2021
Year-End Report

Download the full MRC Data Year-End Report below for a deep dive on all the year’s biggest trends in music consumption that will help you navigate the year ahead.

Gaming & Music Report (U.S.)

Gaming has come a long way since its early days when arcades and home computer games were a popular pastime. We decided to look further into the evolution of gaming and the central role music plays.

Annual U.S. 360 Music Report

MRC Data released its flagship report, U.S. Music 360, which will uncover the trends you need to be aware of as you plan for 2022.  This report will provide you with the data and insights to inform strategic decision-making to drive your business forward.

Podcast 360 (U.S.)

MRC Data just launched the first-ever Podcast 360 report, an in-depth look at consumers’ behaviors, attitudes and preferences for engaging with podcasts, as well as other audio content such as music, radio and audiobooks.

Global Music & Chart Report: A Year in Review

Since launching on September 19, 2020, the Global 200 and Global Excl U.S. 200 charts have included more than 1,300 songs by over 800 artists from 50+ countries. This in-depth report reviews the international superstars and emerging markets that have shaped the first year of the global charts.

MRC Data’s 2021
Midyear Report

Download the full MRC Data Midyear Report below for all the biggest trends to date in music consumption.

New Insights Released About Music Fans in Japan

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